Question consistent high ping no spikes no drops only in fortnite. so its basically the title

Aug 20, 2021
all my other games like valorant and rainbow six seige get 30-50 ping but fortnite gets 130-150 updated windows my network speed is 125 mbps down and 115 up what could be the problem
(reinstalled fortnite once and reinstalled fortnite with epic games launcher once

also i used my 4g hotspot and i am able to get 60 ping on it but not on my main network
any help is appreciated thanks!
Where do you get the so called "ping" time. Do you get it from the game or are you using actual ping commands to measure it.

Find the IP address of the actual game server and us a ping command with nothing else running on your machine and see what you get. This will show if maybe it is some software in your machine rather than a actual network issue.

Ping is a measure of distance in general. So a server that is far away will have longer times...this is basically a transfer speed thing that is some fraction of the speed of light.

Now there could be overloaded data connections in the path. BUT if say your internet connection was overloaded it would affect all games and servers. When it is only some games/sites then the bottleneck is between ISP. This is not common but you are not going to get the ISP to fix this. There is no real solution for this other than to get a different ISP that has a different connection. Maybe but no real likely you can use some of the special gamer vpn. This is very hit and miss because it depends on how well your ISP connects to the vpn company ISP.