Question Consistently inconsistent latency issues while playing any online videogame


Jul 8, 2015
I've been having strange latency problems whenever i'm playing any online video game on my new laptop. Sorry if i say anything strange since i'm not very technical but i'll try to explain as best i can. I've been having this problem while playing League of Legends, Fall Guys and Among Us. My latency starts out fine at the beginning of a round in any of these games (a ping of around 40ms), but around the 15 minute mark of a round it suddenly goes up up to 800ms and then starts fluctuating between that and 200ms. Whenever a game of League of Legends finishes/ I leave and join another Among Us server/ Play a new round of fall guys, it starts again at around 40ms until the 15 minute mark and goes up again.

I have tried doing speedtests for my wireless online while still mid game and tried to have windows troubleshoot for wireless problems, both came back fine. Device manager also says my network card is working as intended.

My girlfriend doesn't have this problem when playing League of Legends on her laptop and I didn't have any problems on my previous one so i think it might be related to my network card.

People have told me it might be my internet provider is throttling my connection whenever I use too much bandwidth because of they can't keep up with demand. They told me to use a VPN so this won't happen. I have tried using hotspot shield, but it made no difference.

The model of my network card is a Realtek 8822CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC
The model of my laptop is an Asus TUF Gaming FA706IU

If anyone has any ideas what i should do i would greatly appreciate it. I you need additional information please ask.
It likely is the wifi but your best first test it to connect via ethernet. This will quickly show you if it might be the ISP. If it is fine on ethernet you can suspect the wifi. There are not many things you can try. You can try to be sure you have the newest drivers but there are very few settings. You really want everything in the wifi nic card set to the defaults.
It is somewhat strange because if it was hardware changing games would have no impact. For example if the card was overheating it would not wait 15 minutes before having issues again.