Consistently slower internet speed then what i pay for


Nov 17, 2012
In the last couple months i've noticed that when i download, i only get a rate of about 500kbps even though i pay for 7mbps. when i called my isp (centurylink) they told me that everything looks good from their end and the problem is somewhere in my network.

They told me to try a couple things. one they told me to switch my old modem out for a new one. i purchased the actiontec m1000. no help. the next thing they told me to was type my ip address into my browser and find modem status. when i did this is shows a downstream rate of 4032kbps and an upstream of 640kbps.

The last thing i was told to try was going to which i did. this website told me that my target speed should be 20% lower than my subscribed speed so that means 5.6mbps. then because my speed was slower than 5.6mbps, it said to replace all the filters in my house. so i ran to bestbuy and bought all new filters and still no improvement.

So my question is...... whats my next move. how do i find if there is a bottleneck or something in my network?

other info: i have 3 desktops and a laptop and they all get around 500kbps when downloading.
ive unpluged everything that uses a phone line or ethernet cable, except for my newest computer (a 2 month old hp), and i still the same speed.
im not the best with computers so please explain like im a 9 year old.