Question Constant BSOD not sure what else to do


Mar 15, 2017
System specs
CPU: intel 9600K I5
Graphics: RTX 2080ti
RAM: Corsiar RGB pro veng. 16GB
NVME 512gb
Mobo: Asus ROG STRIX z390-E

So I wanted to start playing FFXIV again. I went ahead and installed/updated. After playing for about 40 minutes I decided to switch my monitor from my other pc. Went from a 1080p 240hz to a 3440x1440 120hz. After the switch, the game crashed maybe 5 minutes in. It then crashed 4 more times, nothing over 1-4 minutes. Just freezes completely, sometimes shows the BSOD with stop code MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION.

I then saw on my MOBO the red LED labeled CPU stayed on without booting. It was recommended to update the BIOS and reseat the connections of the cpu, mobo, all of which I did. The red light went away but, since then I haven’t been able to stay in Windows longer than 5-10 minutes, when I attempted the game it immediately would crash.

Funny enough, When I tried Overwatch, I had been able to play a whole match with 0 issues (anomaly). So far I have reinstalled Windows which failed like 3 times until I changed the water aio (just swapped an identical one from my other machine). Once finally in Windows over 3 hours no problems, I left the PC while I went out and downloaded the update for FFXIV once again. It completed, once I logged in, BAM crashed again and again ever since I can’t stay in Windows longer than 2 minutes.

swapped aio’s, other pc works fine, mine still crashes
swapped hd’s other pc works fine, mine still crashes
swapped video cards ROG STRIX 1080Ti for RTX2080ti EVGA, other works, mine crashes
Removed each dimm and tried them alone, still crashes.
reapplied thermal grizzly paste, temps don’t increase past 40 on cpu under load.
Moved graphics card to other PCI-E slot, same crashing.

I‘m new to this but did do IT a number of years back so I’m pretty careful with handling my hardwaRE. I can’t seem to view much in eventviewer there are some critical errors but it kicks me pretty quickly, I have done chkdsk, DiSM, SFC scan to no avail, I even was able to run intel processor diagnostic and Reported PASS on everything....Not sure how accurate those are.

Thoughts: I don’t think its software at this point since I have reinstalled windows via usb from scratch, I also removed video drivers with that DDU program in safemode (no crashes in safemode) reinstalled them manually without the extras. It seems when the pc/specific component gets under load it crashes but, I can’t seem to pinpoint. CPU/MoBo? I would like to purchase one but would like more insight to be sure since they are usually non-returnable, plus I hate having to do that to stores.

Please help, its been 2 days all day doing this lol.