Dec 25, 2022
Getting constant bsod once in a week.
After getting bsods in windows 10 once a week I did clean install 11, installed all up-to-date drivers, but still got them; I did memtest86 for RAM and prime95 tests for CPU - everything is fine, no error or bsod; I checked ssd and hdd with programs from the manufacturers - everything is fine; I deleted android emulator and turned off hyper-v - didn't help; Deleted armory crate (program for asus MB) and deleted all drivers that they left - didn't help. SFC and DISM commands obviously didn't help either.
Using driver verifier I found that logitech drivers from G-Hub caused some of bsods, so I deleted them. Apparently, lg drivers caused only a part of bsods and they still will appear.
Just to mention: bsod only happens when I do very light stuff like sitting in browser or just IDLE. Bsod happened once or twice in very light games.
I'm out of ideas, please help.

My specs:
cpu: r5 3600x
gpu: rx 5700 pulse
motherboard: asus prime X570-p
ssd: SP512GBP34A80M28
hdd: ST2000DM008
ram: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
psu: be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 9 700W Bronze ATX BN248

dump files:

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Dec 25, 2022
Are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, memory)?

Is your motherboard BIOS fully up to date?

What is the make/model of your PSU?
I use XMP profile. I thought that it could be a problem, but I used it since I built pc two years ago and I didn't have bsod back then.
BIOS is up-to-date, I recently updated it in november.
Forgot about PSU: be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 9 700W Bronze ATX BN248
Dec 25, 2022
Try dropping to DDR4 standard defauly speed of 2133. Any difference?

Also, how old is your PSU?
I swapped to default speed, but literally on next day I had bsod while playing.
PSU as every part of my PC is 1.5 years old. I checked voltages in AIDA while stresstesting and everything was okay, no bsod.
I found in autoruns that I have two realtek network drivers. Second one is old version, I think it is stock driver, but it will launch with new one. So maybe thats the case? I had bsod with ndis.sys as failed process. Should I try to delete old version from autorun?