Question Constant BSOD's after new build.

Feb 26, 2020
I just recently switched from Intel to AMD and the old intel parts(motherboard and CPU) were given to a friend. My build worked fine but he got constant BSOD's on his pc anytime he booted. Sometimes he could log in to his windows account then get a BSOD, sometimes it bluescreened instantly.

The BSOD messages were sometimes '' machine check exception'' but most of the time he would get ''unexpected kernel mode trap''

Me being quite new to pc building has already been accustomed to BSOD's after some new hardware installs and every time I couldn't solve an issue, a reinstall of windows would do the trick. So that was what I did.

After the reinstall, he still got the same BSOD messages. I tried again to resolve the ''unexpected kernel mode trap'' issue to no prevail. So like the genius that I am(Note: since my friend knows little to nothing about pc building, I did the build it for him) I then again tried to reinstall windows(2nd Note: my superior intellect strikes again as I did not back up any of the files)

This time the installation froze or bugged out(can't remember exactly what happened as it was late and a few days ago), We decided to cancel the installation and try again, but this time windows couldn't. It was missing some files related to the reinstallation and the BSOD's were still there. After frequent crashes and reboots, a message with 0xc000001 showed up, telling me that the system had to be recovered.

The issue is that my friend has important files on the SSD and would like to keep them. So the question is then if I should try to clone or copy the files to another SSD temporarily and reformat the old one, or is it there another way to fix my mess?

I would be extremely thankful for any solution to this problem as it seems the situation is somewhat unique and I can't find any easy way to fix this.

My friend's parts list:
Asus z390 f motherboard
Intel I5-9600kf
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200MHz 16gb
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Aero
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB
Corsair cx650m


Win 10 Master
you can try this to save info off SSD

boot from installer
on screen after languages, choose repair this pc, not install.
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose command prompt
type notepad and press enter
in notepad, select file>open
Use file explorer to copy any files you need to save to USB or hdd

MCE (Machine Check Exception) AKA WHEA error. WHEA - Windows Hardware Error Architecture
It sounds like your friends PC has likely got a hardware problem. 3 installs and errors are following generally removes chance its windows.

I assume CPU worked before.. if you built it, you could check pins on motherboard aren't bent.

Is ram he bought on the motherboard QLV list or similar to models there? Are all his other parts new or from another PC? What PSU is he using?

Try running memtest86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 4 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.

Since he can't get windows onto PC, he likely needs to run a bootable Prime 95 -

can you try to install with bare minimum parts? CPU, Mobo, 1 stick of ram, PSU (obviously)
Feb 26, 2020
Hey guys, sorry for answering so late(been working alot of overtime), but the issue has been resoleved. I did everything that was meantioned to somewhat succes. I did copy everything this time and did an clean install.

I got the rid of the BSOD's by flashing the BIOS and now im installing programs and copying the old files to the formated HDD's and SSD's.

Thank you so much for the help, it is greetly appreciated.


I'm glad that the issue was resolved, but please tell your friend that it's important to have copies of important files all the time. If a full, fresh installation ever causes you to lose anything important, that's a sign of an inadequate backup plan. This is a basic part of PC upkeep, no different than changing the filter in your furnace or the oil in your car. When data isn't backed up, the question is when the data will be lost forever, not if.