Question Constant crashing, exhausted all troubleshooting!


Oct 6, 2013
UPDATE: Here's a video of the crash happening for more insight -

The other day I did a nice fresh install of Win10. Before I did this, everything was working perfectly fine, no crashing.
Then the problems started.
When I launch a game, I can load into the menu no problem.. load into a zombies map for example and then in the background, windows explorer will crash, YouTube video's or twitch streams will freeze, but the game will still run. However, certain things within the game will not load, new NPC character models, or menu icons.. once the game finishes, or I die it'll immediately crash, every time.
The same with Timespy, it will complete Graphics Test 1, and just as it's about to close that workload to launch Graphics test 2, it'll crash.
At this point the PC needs to be restarted, on 2 occasions it's gone hours until it's done it again and I've tried so many things to solve the issue.

I've reinstalled windows, maybe 4 times, checked all driver versions are up to date each and every time. (even going above and beyond on drivers where I've had to):

reseating the 3090 gpu (crash)
trying my 2080ti (1-2hrs no crash)
replacing 3090 (played for 8hrs then crash next morning)
putting stock cooler back on 3090 (1-2hrs no crash)
again with waterblock 3090 (2-3hrs crash)
then FINALLY, when the 2080ti was in it crashed on me. which tells me it WASN"T the GPU all along.

I had 5.1GHz OC with 1.33v LLC6 (Asus)
1.175 - 1.175 VCCIO / VCCSA

I tried altering my VCCIO and VCCSA to 1.2v / 1.2v, and still got the crash.
I've done Windows Memory diagnostic and nothing ever reports back and errors throughout this whole ordeal.
The latest thing I've tried is reset CMOS and dial in a lighter overclock, and not adjust too much in the bios.
I've also tried to get the crash to occur with Task Manager + event viewer open on my second screen, however Task Mngr doesn't show anything I can work with and Event Viewer becomes unresponsive.


i9 9900k @ 4.8GHz 1.23v
Asus Maximus Gene XI (LLC6) 1.25 VCCSA / 1.23 VCCIO
Corsair Veng RGB Pro 3466MHz (XMP I) 1.36v
Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD
EVGA 3090 XC3 Ultra (Testing against EVGA 2080ti XC Ultra the issue persists)
Corsair HX850i Platinum PSU

Cooling is custom water and the temps are in very good order.

I'm so so exhausted with it all and I really don't know what angle to approach from now. Any help or insight will be GREATLY appreciated.

EDIT: On the settings listed above, it still crashed at the end of a time spy run. I have now re-applied my overclock settings and and testing my RAM sticks individually so rule those out.

i9 9900k @ 5.1GHz 1.33v
Asus Maximus Gene XI (LLC6) 1.175 VCCSA / 1.175 VCCIO
Corsair Veng RGB Pro 3466MHz (XMP II) 1.35v
Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD
EVGA 3090 XC3 Ultra
Corsair HX850i Platinum PSU

EDIT 2: Using first Stick of Memory the system crashed within a few minutes of the Timespy stress test running.
Currently testing the 2nd stick now for over 30mins, no crash yet. But there's still a high chance.
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At this point...I would probably swap out the PSU.

I don't think it's software related.
You don't think it's GPU related.
The memory comes up clean.
CPUs don't fail very often.

If it's not the PSU I'd be leaning on motherboard.


Oct 6, 2013
Could it not be a conflicting driver issue? Before the fresh windows install, everything was perfect. What could of triggered it to be 'unstable'
It's definitely not GPU because the issue persisted across both GPU's
I've only done 1 Windows Mem Diagnostic, I'd still need to do a thorough MemTest86 to be sure about RAM

I've been monitoring the PSU, surely the game would stop running straight away if the PSU was having issues?