Question Constant Crashing


Apr 8, 2013
Win 10 Pro Version : 20H2 Build 19042.804
Asus X470 Prime Pro
Ryzen 3600X
32gb Vengeance pro 3200Mhz CL16
Vega 56 8gb MSI Airboost
Seasonic GX850 80PLUS Gold
sata ssd 120gb boot drive
1tb m.2
1tb HDD

I have ran prime 95 twice for over an hour at a time
Furmark has run for an hour twice
Intel burn test as well 10 passes each time twice
unigine heaven(twice at roughly a hour each)and superposition( 4 runs as well as the vr run all at max resolution)
I have reinstalled windows
Bios is up to date
latest mobo and gpu drivers
CPU peaks at 90C under prime 95 and intel burn test
GPU normally stabilises at around 60C with a more agressive fan curve

So i have done all of the above since the crashing started. I am about to run mem test for good measure for too.

So my PC started crashing recently and i am still to find a precise cause for this from what i have managed to get its a Kernel-Power 41 task 63 which indicates gpu however as said i have ran multiple stress test and its been fine.

the event report is:
Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
[ Guid] {331c3b3a-2005-44c2-ac5e-77220c37d6b4}

EventID 41

Version 8

Level 1

Task 63

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000400000000002

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2021-02-25T10:50:35.3938864Z

EventRecordID 2811


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 4
[ ThreadID] 8

I have no idea what else to do i have reseted everything but the cpu.
Lastly this has started happening out of nowhere. It happend this monday and before that the only time my pc had any troubles was with fifa 19 which would crash the gpu driver. Previus to that it was a year back when playing gta and it would suck down too much power for my then PSU.

Any help would be great as this is my only PC and its crucial for work. The crashes are happening less often since i have reinstalled and made sure everything was up to date. But are still occuring.

Thanks in Advance


Apr 8, 2013
Yeah I have Armoury crate installed and the memtest finished and with 4 passes no error so all i have to go off is the kernel error which points to gpu, anyaway i am going to see if its still crashing and keep looking for anwsers. I will try and post a solution if i ever find one