Constant DCing at night...


Apr 17, 2012
So for the last few weeks every night at around 8:30 my internet starts going EXTREMELY slow. 1K+ MS in games, 8K+ Ping in Vent, and it 'burps' a lot.

I work 7-7 so I don't get to test it much outside of that, but on Saturday and Sunday I was playing on it, and it seems perfect up until 8:30... every night. It seems to stop around 11 every night. This is only on my computer, and it just seems to lag the others a bit (As if I'm taking too much of the bandwidth.) So I'm wondering if there is a program to check -exactly- what programs are using bandwidth, or what my next step would be?

I closed down all processes I didn't know, including the MySQL I use once in awhile. Disabled/Un-installed Punk Buster and Pando media Booster, but I still get the lag. Windows Network Manager just has the lil' "1%" bargraph that shows 24/7 no matter what. So I'm kind of hoping for either my next thing to look for, or a program to see exactly what is using the internet.


Dec 18, 2011

Go into the Task Manager. Click on the Performance tab. Click on the Resource Monitor button near the bottom right. Click on the Network tab. Have fun watching stuff. Try sorting by Send, Receive, and Total in Network Activity.