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Question Constant device disconnect sound

Jun 26, 2020
Hello! New to the forum so if I'm in the wrong place let me know.
I have a constant device disconnect sound. Started about a couple of weeks ago and around the time I bought a gamesir controller and started playing Albion Online. The sound gets extremely annoying while playing any sort of game.
What I have tried to figure out this problem:
Switched out mice
Switched out keyboard(Put my mouse that I daily drive back into play)
Updated windows and all drivers
uninstalled/reinstalled HID drivers(Only the ones that said failed on them) and Bluetooth drivers.

I run USBDeview and thing I see is a HID without a description. When the sound happens it will give a random port like "Port_#0001.Hub_#0047". When I say random I mean the numbers will be different with every disconnect sound.

My specs are
Asus ROG strix z390-E
Asus ROG RTX 2080ti
32gb16x2 G.SKILL tridentZ in the dual band slots
Windows 10 home
razer keyboard/mouse
MSI Optix MAG241C

Not sure what kind of information is necessary, so I just threw as much I could think of!

Any help is appreciated!


Side note: I could just turn off the sound, but I would rather fix the problem instead of just masking it. I say this because a lot of searches tell you to do just that.