Question Constant Disconnects on Discord & Games ?


Apr 29, 2017
Hey Guys,

So i'm hoping someone on here can help me resolve my current issue. So when i play a game called "Escape From Tarkov" I will sometime disconnect from the servers randomly, but what i have noticed is that my discord will disconnect also. So my friends won't be able to hear what i am saying. But this only lasts for a few seconds, as it doesn't disconnect me from the discord server. However, it does disconnect me from the game. When i am really fast at alt tabbing, it seems like it's taking ages for web pages to load at that time also.

I was wondering if anyone know of a program, or a way i can start narrowing down what the cause is? I called my ISP yesterday, and they did a thing on my Router to try and test the signals, and have been told to call back in 2x Days if it doesn't resole, but been having the issues again today. So clearly isn't resolved yet.

I would really appreciate any help / insight anyone can offer!

Open a number of cmd windows and let costant ping run in them.

First run tracert to some ip like, this is only to get the IP addresses it likely will show no problems unless you get very lucky.

You want to run ping to hop 1 ( your router) hop 2 (normally the first ISP router) and

When you see issues in the game you can look at these windows and see if you are getting packet loss. If it is in hop 1 it is either your router or something with your pc.......I hope you are not using wifi because loss of data is extremely common. Good ping to hop 1 but loss to hop 2 mostly means there is some random issue with your connection to the ISP. If both those are good but sees issues then the problem is farther into the network.