Question Constant download and upload speed issues

Jan 31, 2023
For some reason my PC, over the span of a week, drops from 500 Mbps Download speed and 35 Mbps Upload speed to 5 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. It is only my computer, and restarting the router has been the only thing I find to fix it. No one else in my house has any issues with the wifi at all except for me. Could this be something I downloaded and is a virus slowing my computer down, or is this some problem with connecting. My ping is normal, but the speeds are very slow. I am currently testing to see if switching off my wifi card and using a netgear thing will help, but we are thinking of just full wiping my computer at this point.
I would try putting the pc near the router and using a ethernet cable. It could be some issue with the wifi card but not sure why restarting the router would fix it unless you restart the pc also.

Before you reinstall windows try a linux USB boot image. This runs completely from the USB stick so it would show you if it was windows or maybe a issue with the wifi. Problem is it depends how long it takes to drop from 500mbps to 5mbps. You can do normal web surfing on linux but unless you go to a lot of effort these boot images are pretty basic in function.