Question constant fan noise - Toshiba Satellite pro c50-e-101


Jul 13, 2014
We purchased 5 laptops - Toshiba dynabook Satellite pro c50-e-101 with an i5 8250u. The problem is the constant fan noise, with it increasing and decreasing all the time. I'm on the Windows 10 welcome screen. It's asking me to create a user and to connect to wi-fi and it's already ramping up like it's doing a cinebench test. It's the same thing with all of them. I opened task manager and there is nothing that demanding. The cpu is at 10-20% and the fan is spinning and the worst is that it's changing it's rpm all the time. We also purchased 5 hp 450 g7 laptops with the same cpu and they are super quiet and they are similarly priced, but they weren't enough in stock, so we had to take some of these Toshiba's instead.

There are no options in the BIOS. I couldn't find any BIOS updates on the support page of Toshiba. I couldn't find my laptop on their website. Part No PYS20E-00805SG6 I tried installing some chipset drivers, but with no effect. Tried switching power modes in windows and no change.
The laptops look good and perform well, but this noise is just too loud. Any suggestions?


You did everything you can, there are several models of laptops with a loud fan issue, I have ran into some Dell models that did the same thing across almost the full line (72xx as one example). See if the BIOS has a quiet mode for the fans, a "fix" some people have done is to disable the speed boost in the BIOS but that just makes the CPU not ramp up in speeds so it always runs in lower power model.