Constant freezes specially after coming out of sleep mode


Jul 23, 2010

I built a system for FX work back in 2010 and it ran pretty good for a couple of years until I decided to add two Samsung SSD 830 512Gb drives last November.

Here are the specs to put things into context:
Windows 64bit Professional SP1
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (ver2)
CPU: core i7 980x
GPU: Nvidia Quadro 5000 using two 24 inch monitors
Ram: 24GB, Kingston HyperX DDR3, 6x4 GB chips
2 Samsung 830 512GB drives Raided 0 (OS installed here)
2 Samsung Spinpoint 1 TB drives Raided 1
2 WD 1 TB drives Raided 1
1 Optical Bluray drive ATAPI iHBS112
Case: Cooler Master Cosmos
PSU: Seasonic x750W (just switched to Corsair HX1050W)

My system experiences constant freezes, usually when it comes out of sleep mode, but also with increasing frequency when I am just surfing the web with Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Right now for example, I’m experiencing a freeze, just clicked on the Computer link on the Start menu to get to the Properties window, and the Start menu is frozen. I can still type on Chrome, but everything else has frozen.

Ok, now that I have restarted and decided to back up files between disks (keeping them awake), it seems to be running more stable, which leads me to think that it could be one of the hardrives that is malfunctioning because the problems tend to happen when the computer tries to get out of sleep mode or I’m trying to access drives information through Windows Explorer or just getting to the Computer Properties.

But also the freezes sometimes start on the right monitor first, and a few seconds later on the left, my cursor also freezes and I end up guesstimating where my pointer is to access the Shutdown menu. This leads me to believe it could be a Graphics Card issue.

I have cleaned installed my whole system at least ten times, installed AVG antivirus as soon as Windows 64bit is installed and also ran Malwarebytes to make sure I don’t have viruses or anything weird. The problem happens very soon after installing Windows so I would like to think it’s not a virus.
Also, I have reverted to using older drivers (GPU, LAN, SATA, USB, etc) back when my system was running better and the problem is still there.

At one point my system didn’t want to go into Windows from restart, so I unplugged the DVD drive, then it started fine. This made me think that it was a PSU problem, so I got a new higher rated PSU, 1050W. The system starts up fine, but the freezes are still there.

I also resetted the CMOS on the Motherboard.

I am inclined to think it’s either a Hardrive, Mobo or GPU problem (in that order of suspicion)
Currently I’m backing up my drives to unplug them in pairs to see which one is the one I’m having issues with.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Update: for the last 3 hours that I have been backing up files from drive to drive the computer has been running smoothly, so I’m thinking it’s not a GPU issue. It must be either a hardrive or the Mobo management of the hardrives
Update: I set my Power Options to Hard disk-Turn off hard disk after: 1000 minutes, and so far my computer hasn’t stalled. I still would like to get to the bottom of this.

Thank you.
Every machine other than laptops that powered down components for "sleep mode" that I have built have had issues. The only power saving feature I use is a screen saver at 30 minutes, and turn off monitors at 1 hour. Putting hard drives to sleep or the system to sleep mode - especially hybrid sleep mode results in issues with the system either being sluggish, or locking up.

When you disable (set to never) power savings features - I have always eliminated the issues. I am convinced that Microsoft has issues with several types of hardware and their sleep mode (when running Linux I don't have these issues).

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