Constant Game Crashes and BSOD

May 22, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with my PC.


CPU: I5 6600k
GPU: Evga Gtx 1070 FTW
RAM: LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 3000MHz
SSD: Crucial MX300 275GB
HDD: Toshiba 2TB
Built Dec 2016

I have recently started playing The Witcher 3 (haven't played any games in some time), and I've been having non-stop issues.

The game crashes to the desktop without any errors after around 30 minutes. Occasionally, the game will completely freeze and I am unable to close it, or I get a BSOD. I haven't had any issues when not playing games.

So far, I have tried removing mods, deleting mod files, updating graphics drivers, removing GPU and CPU overclocks and uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but nothing has worked so far. I do have a mini-dump file from the most recent BSOD, but I'm unsure how to upload it here.

I have been monitoring RAM usage and GPU and CPU temps and everything seems fine, so I'm unsure what to do next.

I'd really appreciate any advice and help, thanks.

What do you have for a power supply?

Also, have you tried other games or stressing the system in different ways? If it is a hardware issue it will follow into other demanding games, benchmarking tools, or applications. If it doesn't then that means that there is something the game doesn't like with your system.