Question Constant Kernel Power Error Codes

Dec 23, 2022
For about a month now, my computer has been crashing and rebooting itself with Kernel Power Error codes. The last time this was happening, It was my 1000w Asus PSU that was the issue and I replaced it with a 1000 EVGA supernova PSU.
The crashing and restarts went away.
However, they are back and constant, Multiple times a week, every week, sometimes twice a day. My computer will crash at the desktop, in game, just being idle and whenever it feels like it.

The computer doesn't just immediately crash, the program or game I have open will freeze locking my entire computer up then a blue screen will come up for a fraction of a second before my computer will just go black and not restart. I have to physically hold the power button and restart the computer. When i go to event viewer, Its always a kernel power error code followed by volmgr error so i get no info about the issue.
I've replaced all my ram, removed all my overclocks, replaced my 3080 with a brand new one and replaced my boot drives to no avail. The computer is still being completely apeshit. I'm starting to think the Power Supply or Motherboard itself might be the issue here.

I am hard pressed to believe that I have 2 defective power supplies in under a year from two different manufacturers. I am more inclined to accept that I have ANOTHER defective ASUS product. Can anyone help me out? I am attaching all my relevant event viewer details. Bugcheck codes are all over the place for these errors. Cannot pinpoint the issue.

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