Constant lag spikes while playing online games, but pretty fast internet


Oct 12, 2014
Hi, I have had issues with having awful lag spikes although my internet speed is pretty fast, or at least fast enough to not have the lag as bad as it is. I have had the same modem and router before and it has been fine, but in the past couple weeks it has gotten to the point where games are unplayable.

I'm not sure if the link speed has anything to do with it, but it seems to alternate between 0 and up to 14.7 Bps.

Any help will be appreciated, I have had this issue long enough that I'm completely fed up with it.


This is very likely due to your wireless (interference from others or radio devices in your home on 2.4GHz) and not your ISP, although that is not 100%. To be sure of that run with an Ethernet connection to your computer.

You are using channel 9. You will be getting interference from several of the non-overlapping channels (6 and 11). You usually want to use channel 1, 6, or 11 -- whichever has the fewest other strong signals (others around you with wireless).

Look at the first picture HERE for a clear picture of what I mean by non-overlapping and seeing which channels cover part of others.

Download the free home version of inSSIDer (a wifi analyzer) from HERE, run it and check the network tab for strong signals by channel that may be interfering with you. Then set your router wireless radio to whichever of the three non-overlapping channels has the fewest other strong signals.

Other random sources of 2.4GHz interference comes from microwave ovens (it affects channel 1 the least), baby monitors, wireless speakers, headphones, 2.4GHz telephones, etc.

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