Question Constant latency spikes when using wireless connection, should I use powerline adapters?

Jun 5, 2018
Recently I've been having horrible latency spikes when playing online games.
I'm using the Brostrend 1200Mbps PCIE wifi adaptor, and when pinging my router, every couple of packets I get
a response time of usually about 200ms or a Request Timed Out. However, when connected to ethernet with my laptop, pinging results in
1ms reponse times everytime. So I'm certain it's not a router problem. Since I don't have access to ethernet (my PC is a bit aways from the router itself)
will using a powerline adapter be of any help?

Router: Actiontec V1000H
Network Card:
I wouldn't blame the router just yet. You might want to see if higher gain antennas help with signal strength and connectivity. You might also want to try and see if a clearer line of sight(without any physical objects in the path of propagation) are out of the way and if your connectivity improves. To add, where did you source the drivers for your wireless adapter? Which OS are you on and you might want to see if the same issue happens with a USB driven wifi dongle.