Question Constant lockups and permanent freezes, please help

Dec 5, 2019
Hey everyone,
I am having serious issues and need your help. My PC keeps permanently freezing when under load (for me its mostly games). The only way to unfreeze the system is to completely reboot it using the reset button on the case. It happens most frequently with R6, around 10 mins into the game and it just stops, audio however works for a little while then ends too. This also happens with other games for example Overwatch and fortnite, but it happens after about 30-45 mins of gaming. I have been experiencing issues for a while now and have tried many different "solutions" which in my case didn't solve anything. I have tried; memory test, reinstalling drivers (gpu), increasing virtual memory, and changing power settings, changing wall outlets. As written before nothing seems to work.

My hardware:
gpu = rtx 2060 ventus OC
cpu = amd ryzen 5 2600x
motherboard = msi b450 gaming +
ram = 2 x 8gb stick of corsair vengence 3000mghz
ssd = 120gb which has 30gb free (windows installed)
HDD = 1b wd blue with approx 500gb free (games installed)
psu = 750 watt gigabyte 80+gold
cpu cooler = deepcool fan (don't really know the name)
Dec 9, 2019
First, install new drivers for gpu, update bios and get new chipset drivers ( all toutorials on youtube )
Next stop all overclocks if you are doing any.
Lastly if neither of those work try finding a program that it always crashes on.. Try runing something demanding and as you are doing that look into task manager if either cpu or ram are using all resources also check the pemps of both cpu and gpu while that is happening. You can narrow down the problem to a specific component.