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Apr 3, 2020
Hello! this is my first time posting to any forum. And that is because i have been able to always find the answers i needed when it came to pc issues i have had before on google. But now i am in need of any help i can get. My pc keeps getting two different blue screens. And they are Machine check exeption and registry filter driver exception. The thing is this is not something new to me as of right now i just over a month ago got a replacement motherboard. Since the one i had gotten before was a defect that made me get machine check exeption aswell under the exact same circumstances.
And those are that when my pc is under full load like when i play borderlands 3 or some other new game. I can then use it for hours without anything happening but as soon as i turn of a game that uses a lot of the pc's resouces it will only take like 10-15 and it will be a guaranteed bsod. The only difference is that this mobo worked for over a month and the first mobo was just bad from the box. I don't know if this has anything to do with this but i just got a new GPU and that is the geforce rtx 2070super from msi the gaming x model. And the pc was working fine for a week and then. When i was wathing youtube and again it was after playing a game for some hours. And then it just rebooted out of nowere and i was really scared. And after that the blues screens just started coming. i have had 3 machine check exetion and 2 registry filter driver exception since the 30th of march. i have ordered a new motherboard now that is from Gigabyte the mobo i am using now is the ASUS PRIME Z390-P. But i am a little scared that it might be something that killed the mobo now and i don't know if i want to risk it but then again i don't know what other choice i have.

My full specs are: Intel core I5 9600k. ASUS PRIME Z390-P. Nvidia geforce rtx 2070super msi gaming x model. 16gb of corsair vengience lpx 3200mhz RAM. Corsair h75i v2. Seasonic focus gx-750 80plus gold. samsung 970evo system drive. 2tb seagate baracuda. 250gb crutial ssd. 4tb seagate baracuda hdd. and i don't know if it matters but my Case is a NZXT H510i.

Sorry for my bad grammer or any misspellings i am not used to writing like this on a forum and sorry for the post beeing really messy jumping around. any help will be greatly appreciated thank you for your time :)

EDIT: I am now getting another bluescreen and it is called STORE_DATA_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION i have no idea what to do anymore :(
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