Question Constant temp login


Aug 31, 2017
Hi all,
Very strange issue going on with multiple problems. I was moving data from a customer's old laptop to his new one. Removed the hdd and did the transfer like I've done hundreds of times before.
Put the hdd back in, and his old laptop failed to boot, giving an ntfs error. Windows repeatedly tried to fix it, and finally, it did. But now, every time I log in, it creates a new temporary user. I've gone into regedit to do the known fix, but still no luck. All his data is still saved, but none of his programs are there and you can't access the data easily.
This isn't the end of the world because he has a new laptop, but he needs all his saved passwords from chrome, and he never set up a Google account. Is there a way to see his saved passwords on the hdd?
Also, iTunes can't locate loads of his music (it's spread out really badly and his filing system is a bit rubbish). Is there a quick way to get iTunes to locate all his music without manually going through 9000 files?
Many thanks in advance