Question Constant usb peripherals dropout when GPU is under heavy load


Jan 9, 2020
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I just built a new computer and I'm very happy with the results. No problems whatsoever when I'm working with the machine. When it comes to gaming though or when my GPU goes under heavy load, it rapidly goes to 80 degrees and more, and one or ALL of my usb peripherals will go apeshit. My HyperX Cloud 2 headset will stop working, my mouse will disconnect, the RGB on my K95 Corsair will stop working, my Razer Mamba mouse will just disconnect. Even my RAM sticks stopped their RGB light show. What could be the problem? I don't know where to start!
set the colors of your various led lights to one solid unchanging color and see if that helps. (each change in the light color generates USB traffic, each usb message also generates one line in a internal usb log for each device. so rotating thru colors generates a huge number of log entries. it is a cheaper design than having a isolated controller for the device.

download this tool USB Device Tree Viewer (
and take a look at the various hubs in your machine. put your LED lights devices on their own hub. move your keyboard and mouse to its own hub.
I would not put the headset on the root hub since i am seeing headsets that control their own sleep functions and they like to reset the hubs when they don't get there response. When the hub resets, all of the devices connected to it get disconnected. if it is a root hub then the sub hubs get disconnected and the whole chain gets reset. You can get cases where your headset resets a hub, and that hub also has an AIO cooling the CPU and the AIO stops until the hub is reset. (several seconds heat spike)

if you are a nvidia gpu with a 3.1 hub built in, and have devices connected to that hub: then when playing a game if the gpu does not respond fro 2 seconds the gpu can be reset and recover but it will also reset the gpu 3.1 hub and it will have to restart and re connect all devices and that can take several seconds. (most devices are pretty slow)

I have a older nvidia gpu and I try to offload as much processing from the gpu as I can. I disable the nvidia sound driver, nvidia share driver and any of the addons nvidia provides. I also disable the nvidia USB 3.1 host driver.
various reasons: I don't get sound via hdmi cable to my monitor
i do not need to capture game play,, and I have other usb 3.x ports.
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