Question Constantly Having To Reinstall GPU Drivers & Various Other Issues, DDU Doesn't Help


Jan 17, 2018
Hey All,
So I have no idea why this keeps happening to me, but I'm constantly having to reinstall my RTX 2070- Super's drivers after every reboot (regardless if it's via waking up my PC or restarting it), and I've noticed lately that I've been having to do so twice in a single day as opposed to simply after rebooting my PC. As you'd probably imagine it takes a hit on game performance when this happens: Doom Eternal will drop about 100 frames or so than it's supposed to run at, Fallout 4 drops frames as well (not sure by how much, but it certainly happens), and Yakuza 0 randomly freezes and starts again during gameplay. As far as I can tell, my GPU usage will be around 80% or so even if my drivers were reinstalled, but I don't get a drop in performance despite of the fact.

On top of that, I've also noticed my hard drives (My internal one and two external HDs) will sometimes spike up to 100% usage for a few minutes for seemingly no reason (sometimes after my PC boots up). Additionally, I've had times where doing a simple thing like changing web browser tabs will take somewhat longer than necessary (somewhat rare, thankfully, also for the record I use Firefox), a right click in a finder window or the desktop will take longer than necessary to bring up the context menu to the point of the spinning blue circle showing up, YouTube videos might pause randomly for a few seconds like my Internet's acting up when it isn't, and my CPU fan will rev up and down for seemingly no reason. I highly doubt these are at all related to my GPU driver issues, but I've noticed this happening lately and it crossed my mind that something could be wrong here. After doing some research I figured a possibility was a coin mining virus I had gotten somehow, or perhaps a "regular" virus. I have no idea of telling if that is the case or not, however, and I did a full system virus scan earlier and got rid of some low risk malware but I'm not sure if that solved it.

In the meantime, does anyone have any ideas as to what may be going on and maybe a solution if possible? Also, here are my specs:

RTX 2070 Super

AMD Ryzen 5 3600x

32gb of RAM at 3200MHz