Consumer Reports Says Don't Buy Monster M7 Tablet

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Oct 21, 2012
Monster has a few niche funky products that are quite useful. Other than that, I would definitely stay away from their electronic products. I've had many failed Monster power boards.


Jun 29, 2006
First CR is hardly relevant these days, there is no details in this consumer alert. Remember when they faked the 'danger' with the Suzuki Sidekick just for the publicity?
Second there is a download update happening at the time of the 'freeze'
So was auto update on? Did they wait.

I have many tablets (including the M7)and when I haven't turned them on for a while the WiFi bandwidth is clogged with apps checking for updates. So I am patient and let the checking and downloading subside.

When I got this tab brand new and set up my Google play account at least 12 apps needed updating, and some core Google apps also, so I didn't start running benchmark SW or battery rundown timing until things settled down.
I have not experienced any lockup so far, but as I have had a lot of experience with the Android OS, custom ROMs and Rooting I know that sometimes quirks happen in new products. Yes I have seen the screen blank happen (not on my M7), often with a particular app and just after an update happens, rolling back the update often fixes the problem. Look Android is a new OS and has been updated often, each update like every other OS adds features fixes bugs and may break things. Which is why I turn off auto update and wish I could do the same for Google system apps too.

I have no idea how testing was performed at CR, but from what I saw in the clip on their site I have my doubts their testing is appropriate.

After charging for the recommended extended first charge, which is well beyond the indicator reaching 100%. I proceeded to complete the first of two full rundowns to condition the Li-ion battery. I got 7 hours on the first using the tab to surf and play movies I transfered off my laptop, I played games, ran AnTuTu (14632), used In-Tune with BT (aptX) speakers , DLed Apps. I had no hangup, yes sometimes as with every tab I have there is a delay when you do something, yeah the OS is doing things in the background like GC (garbage collection).

Hey newsflash Windows has delays too, just the other day boom, I wasn't doing anything special, it locked, I waited several minutes and it finished whatever it was doing and came back.

Maybe I should issue a Don't Buy for Windows 8 7 XP 98SE 95 because it either locks up or hesitates or gets a BSOD not consistently mind you, sometimes days or months go by, but none the less, 'unacceptable'./s

Anyway if there is a bug I do hope Monster will respond quickly.
Having an image file to DL would not be a bad thing as it might open the possibility to Root the M7.
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