Question Contemplating 2080 Ti Custom Loop

Hi Guy's
I recently bought a used Evga Rtx 2080 Ti Ftw3 Ultra with a Ekwb Quantum Vector Nickle+Plexi block and Ek backplate.

Maybe time for a new Adventure???????

So would a Corsair Hydro Xd5 pump and a
Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 280mm Radiator all be compatible
Metal mixing wise?
And if they are Ok what additive ? ,
would you add to help prevent any growth or galvanic corrosion.

I know there are more popular pumps but I have a Corsair H150i Elite Capellix with the Commandeer Core on my 3600x so I'm already running Icue.
The temp sensor I don't think will hook to it but my mobo will take care of that.

My specs are in my signature but don't know if they so up when doing this on my phone.
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My specs are in my signature but don't know if they so up when doing this on my phone.
Please find it in your heart to parse the specs to your build in the body of your thread. Reason behind that is sig space specs can and will change over time and when that does happen, this thread and it's relevant suggestions will end up moot to the person in the same boat as you're in at the moment.

If I were you, I'd stick to an all EKWB loop to avoid any nickel chipping/flaking and perhaps keep the OCD part of me happy with an all EKWB affair. As it stands the parts you've chosen are going to be fine, just need to add fittings, provided you chose the pump/res combo from the xd5 lineup. If not, then add a reservoir.

You could just go for an AIO slapped on with a GPU bracket that NZXT make courtesy of the G12's.

Hang on, are you contemplating adding the watercooling parts to an AIO via modding? If so, please stop.
Thank You for responding.

System specs are
Asus Rog Strix x470 F Gaming
Amd R5 3600x
Corsair H150i Elite Capellix 360mm
G.skill Trident Z Royal Gold 3600 2x8
16 16 16 36
Evga Rtx 2080 ti Ftw3 Ultra 11g
Corsair Rm850x Gold
Samsung 970 Evo plus M.2 500gb
Samsung 870 Evo 1Tb sata
Samsung 860 Evo 250gb sata
Seagate Barracuda 3Tb hdd
Thermaltake F31 Suppressor case
ASUS VG27WQ1B TUF Gaming 27" WQHD 165Hz

Parts in main question are

And then yes assorted fittings to connect and soft tubing.

Don't want to go to a G12 style as vrm's and memory doesn't get cooled that well.

Any thoughts on Mayhems X1 Clear?
Thank You Again for Responding!!!!
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It's a DDC-like pump (SPC is based on DDC) and isn't quite as powerful as a DDC, but is not terrible. I think it is similar to the ones that they have used for their expandable AIO lines in the past like the Phoenix and the Predator series....along those lines.

It is meant to be a small, simple loop pump so if you are planning to expand in the future, consider a DDC or D5 pump. Otherwise, this one is probably fine for most people. For my loops, I really want high flow rates and I only buy DDC or D5's and that's all I use.

The Corsair HydroX stuff is really good - I've done a review on it,6290.html

The pump is D5, the radiators are high-end and built as a partnership with HW Labs. Google them, they've been on the watercooling scene for a long time.

I run EK stuff in my loop right now, but I've run a large variety of components - there are a lot of great radiators out there - all sizes and thicknesses, so don't get stuck thinking you only need to match things. Alphacool makes some fantastic radiators and components also....all copper rads (I'm working on a radiator roundup from them). Check out - this is where I always go first and foremost to look for components...they have the largest selection I've found and pricing is good.

I'm always up for a great watercooling loop build discussion.
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Thank You !!!!!
As always Very Informative.

The Xd5 is my first consideration as I'm already running Icue with the H150i Elite Capellix .

As to the rad first thought was the

But have thoughts to whether setting up a drain point on 1 of the lowest fittings would drain both sides of the rad or just 1 side the way the end of the tank is set up requiring 2 drains?

As far as fans go I would reuse my Noctua IPPC's 3000rpm which are already being control by the corsair commander core and Icue.

Fittings well I like the thought of compression fittings over clamp style but they do add a bit more to the cost.
But as stated part of my cost I already have less to purchase with the Ek Quantum Vector Nickle/plexi coming with the 2080 ti that the owner had on the card and my 2 Noctua's.

Fittings availability or stock at the time will depend on brand but I do want to stay as much as possible to 1 brand.

This is not a necessity because of a heat issuse from the 2080 ti as right now Gpu-z is reporting 40.9c idle and during hrs of Ghost Recon Wildlands with a slight undervolt it stays @60-62c on pretty much max settings (1440p) with the clocks staying @2070-2085mhz.

So i would be looking to do this to maintain the most It could give without any Oc or undervolt during.
(From other forums ) depending on which bios it has would help determine if it would work up to 2200mhz.

From what I can tell it has the 373w bios and don't feel I will ever mess with the bios for it, so 2150 + should be able to be sustained and only I can determine whether the cost would be worth 80 to 100 mhz more sustained.

But this would also be my first custom loop Adventure.

Thank You again for your Reviews and Time!!!!!.
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