Question Contemplating is Over 2080 Ti Custom Loop Full Loop is Done

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Hi Everyone !!!!!!!
I was doing some reading in 4 other forums I found several different op's that have a 5900x and 2000 and 3000 series Gpu's with multiple rads in their loops and they are very close with my temps also.
They have great idle coolant temp and no more then 10-15c above ambeint temp as myself but have almost the same Cpu temp from the 5900x under load running cbr23, in gaming sessions their cpu's are in the mid 50's and Gpu's mid 40's also.
I would like to see the temp a little lower on the 5900x but I don't know if it will happen.
Still thinking maybe a repaste of the Cpu and maybe a 360 added up top.
I didn't really care for the way the Corsair Xtm50 was balling up rather then spreading so I used the Noctua Nt-H1 instead maybe I will give the Xtm50 a try again this time warmed up a little bit to see if it helps with the spread.

Have A Great Up Coming Weekend Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Everyone
Hope everyone is Safe and having a Great Weekend!!!!

I want to start off by Thanking everyone that has replied with their Knowledge and Opinions as this has grown over time from a Gpu loop only to a Full loop.

This is also a PSA for anyone seeking information on a Corsair Xd5 pump for their custom cooling loop.

In my loop the Xd5 could only muster 125-130 Lph / 1/2 gpm flow @4800rpm it's max (even with the 420mm taken out of the loop)
I sent several emails back and forth to Corsair to finally be told that what I had was adequate cooling per Corsair and promptly told them to quit playing with BLING BLING TOYS and put the Performance back in the Corsair Brand.
The Xd5's 2.1 max pump head and 800 Lph rate was not enough.

The Xd5 is now Emergency backup till the H150i which is on my son's rig (5600x) now goes.
(1yr 6 months use so far
Rma it if in warranty then sell it)
When that happens I will grab a 360 rad and a Wb and simple loop his regardless on Rma status.

Since then I have made some changes to my loop and case.
I purchased a new case
Thermaltake Core x71
The Ek Kinetics Tbe 300 D5 pump /reservoir combo.
So No more Qdc's or Magnets it's all housed in a new home.

Now I get 225 - 235 ish Lph / 1 gpm flow rate @4050 rpmfrom the Ek D5 which is cooling the 5900x much better with the Corsair Xc7 pro WB.
As for the cooling difference, it climbs now instead of straight jump up.

At present idle cpu 30-31c cpu /gpu 27.5c
Coolant temp 24c

During Cb R23 run
Coolant temp 26.8c
Cpu temp 67.75c
Ambient temp 24c

Running Cb R23 and Unigene Heaven
Ambient temp has raised up to 25c
Cpu @70 -71c
Gpu @40-41c
Coolant temp 31-31.5c

Gaming last night for a couple hrs
Cpu 51-54c
Gpu 37-40c maintaining min 2100mhz
With the ambient 24-25c.

The fans are running on the
360 @1475rpm / the 7x 140's on the 420 and 280 are @1550 with little to no ramp up.

Later Guy's


Those temps are suspect on the benchmarks. Those are short tests, so there's no acclimation. With a loop, or any liquid cooling for that matter, you'll need to run tests for as long as the needle still moves. Which it will for @ half an hour. Going from idle coolant to a few minute test and back to idle doesn't tell the whole story.

Reason for acclimatization is efficiency of the coolant drops as it's temps rise, which affects any power source in the loop.

Not sure which of the alphacool rads you are running, but for a pretty simple loop of just 2x rads and 2x blocks, 800L/h should be plenty with that XD5. Meaning you seem to have some serious flow resistance. I'm running 2x (xspc 20mm/hwlabs 30mm) 240mm rads with a xspc raystorm pro cpu and heatkiller IV gpu full blocks on a EK 3.2 pwm DDC (1000L/h,5.1) @ 1700-2200rpm so @ half the L/h and head pressure and have no flow issues, even in a mITX case and 10/16 tubing (better for kinks). Noctua 12x15 and 12x25 fans run 600-900rpm. It's extremely quiet loop under load, silent at idle.

Getting the most out of a loop isn't hard, just have to choose the right parts for the job, that includes matching fans/profiles to the rads, tubing to flow, pump to resistance etc.
All the matching is part of my adventure, so lots still to learn.
The Rads are
Alphacool 360x30 mm Hpe version
Alphacool NexXxos XT45 420
Alphacool NexXxos Ut60 280
Flow is measured with the
Alphacool Es flowmeter which was being used with the Xd5 but ya 125-130 Lph vs 225-230 Lph with the Ek.

Usually I let Heaven loop and run cb r23 2-3x running back to back then look for readings.

Seeing how I have head room I can back off those fan speeds which were still set from before moving into the new case.

I do like the fact that the 5900 now climbs up rather then jumps straight up into the 70's.
Thanks for responding it's always a pleasure to chat and reading your insights.
Hope your having a Great Weekend!!!!!!!!



These guys really know a lot when it comes to loops, should check out their site and read up on your rads etc. Might offer some insight as to why you are getting the results you do.
Ya I've been on there wish they would do a 2022 round up.

I spent more then a few nights there when I was looking and pricing the parts.

Sitting here now about to start a game session with the fans reset to 1300 on the 280 and 420 control in asus bios on a 10 port sata powered fan hub and 1350 for the 120's in Icue no ramp just straight fixed rpm to see how much of a difference compared to last night.
When done hit it with cb and Heaven again.
It's been a couple weeks since being able to play anything on this system with the change over in to the new case.
I'm usually away 5-6 days at a time, so when I get home I play sometimes for hrs.

I would like to caputure some driving video's of the dumb stunts people do driving.
But must come up with a way to keep the bug splatters off the windshield and lens.