Question Content Files Locked. Steam Games wont update.

Feb 17, 2019
i logged into steam to see a bunch of games needing updates. but when i tried updating any of them they all came up with the same error "windows host process (RundII32)" The error also states that a file is locked in the steamapps folder. the file is appmanifest_ "numbers".acf

i say numbers because the numbers are different for every game.

Things ive tried are going to the command window and typing in netsh winsock reset

uninstalling avg

uninstalling and reinstalling games

deleting those acf files (says i cant delete because its open in a different application???)

The only thing that does work is installing the games to my C; drive but i dont want them there.

thanks to anyone willing to take time and help.

Update: i noticed it was in my task manger. (i should have checked that first) and ended the windows host thing. and the games have started downloading
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