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Jun 24, 2004
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In the past chatterbots were suppose to just be able to trick a user into
thinking that they were talking to a real person. But now that they are
better known it has become a race between who can trick the user and who
can get the chatterbot to mess up.

however I have noticed that in doing the contest that various methods have
been used to create chatterbots. I will try a contest not done before.The
purpose of this contest will be two fold, 1. to determine the best method of
AI creation and or areas that each method needs to improve upon and who
makes the best conversationalist.

This way the chatterbot community can get into the serious business of
creating a more life like chat bot that companies could use on their

In this contest botmasters will take the core personality and data based
and attempt to tranfer it into at least 3 different bot programs, perhaps
ultrahal or the pf or wendells talk bot or alice etc..
The prize money would be from a percentage of the sponsorship money, all
contestants would have to display a banner code of all the sponsors on their
site in order to enter and the winner would have to display the sponsor who
donated the most money on their site for one year. The winner however will
also be able to advertise their bot and method for hire on the sponsors
sites as well.There would be a small entry fee of 5.00 usa money or
comparable currency of the contestant for money to be divided up between the
judges. a small fraction of the money from sponsors would be used to pay for
the monthly site fees.

a list of the money made and where it went will be posted on the contest
site after the contest starts.Because of the intense nature of this contest
and the work involved for bot masters the contest would not start until may
1, 2006.

none of the sponsors, judges or the site owner of the contest can enter a
bot. so none of my bots would be entered. The judges should either have a
degree in computer science and AI or experience of at least 5 years of bot
programming creation or research.

The sponsors would have to donate at least 100 dollars per 3 months of
advertising on the contest site. nothing under a 100 dollars will be
considered to be a sponsor donation, however a donation of a smaller amount
would be worth a small text link to the person donating the money for a
period of 3 months.

It will be held at Chat Bot friends ( ) of
course. I will be adding more details at the end of next week.



Archived from groups:,,,, (More info?)


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