Question continues Hard freezes


Oct 16, 2015
Hello All.

Recently I have been encountering A lot of System hard freezes only way to resolve this issue is to turn the computer off at the power button. All the hardware is at factory default no overclocking. The one thing I noticed while Playing world of Warcraft I would be casting spells then the effects of the spells wouldn't show and as soon as I go to tab to windows the computer freezes

System Specs

I7 8700k stock
Asus Maximus X Formula Latest bios 2402
Evga GTX 1080ti FTW 3
Evga supernova G2 1000w PSU
G-skill 3200mhz 16gb
Samsung 970 evo NVME
Mouse Asus Spatha
ROG GK2000 Keyboard.

Latest NVIDIA drivers 452.06

Windows 10 pro 2004

Iv'e tried many troubleshooting steps.
  1. I have Under clocked the GPU to -100 core-clock and Memory -100
  2. Tried switching between the 2 sticks of ram in different slots and then using only 1 stick at a time.
  3. Cleared CMOS
  4. Unplugging and re-plugging in all the PSU cables to the board and PSU.
  5. Updated latest chipset drivers/LAN drivers
  6. A complete reformat of windows 10.
  7. Event viewer is not showing anything causing this shutdown except Kernal-Power Event ID 41
  8. Did a memtest64 last night for 10 hours
  9. sfc /scannow to check for windows file errors.

For myself I cannot really narrow down the cause of this issue, been looking around on a lot of forums which people have said it's like PSU related issue or RAM