Question Continuous single beep at startup PC locks up on banner screen then no video.


Nov 13, 2012
This has been a work in progress for approximately 2 months, and now here I am. I have an old Lenovo H430 that I was hoping to use as a test PC mainly because the inside allows room for a larger GPU compared to my other Dell PC.

So it all started with wanting to test a used GTX 1060 Gigabyte windforce 3gb GPU I recently purchased. I realize that the setup is not ideal for gaming, etc., but again is just for testing purposes. This PC was functioning properly with same RAM and a GTX 560 (not Ti). The only difference is the GPU.

So after installing the 1060, and booting PC the Lenovo banner screen appears for a few seconds, and then I get a single beep. Good I think, maybe everything is normal. Then it locks up on the banner screen, and single beep continues every 5-10 seconds, (I forget actual interval length), for maybe 1-2 minutes I think. After this the screen goes bank, and a series of beeps that happened so unexpectedly I forget the series, etc. At this point I'm thinking my long record of getting dud 1060's will just continue.

I researched further and found another individual with almost the exact same problem. Turn out it was necessary to update the BIOS. Problem is I'm using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, and on the Lenovo website all I could find was 32 bit BIOS download. Hm.

Here is my specs;

Lenovo H430 i3 2120

Antec earthwatts 500 PSU 80 bronze

Single DVD

8 gb (2x4) Corsair ram

Very basic setup, and with a GTX 560 and all other same specs was running fine.

I was wondering if....

1. Just upgrading to Windows 10 might solve issue if updating BIOS with 7 not possible.

2. Maybe PSU, but again GTX 560 worked fine, and I believe that requires more power than 1060.

3. This GPU in this specific PC just won't work, compatibility issue that can't be resolved.

4. Just plain and simple bad GPU.

Advice/help much appreciated.