Question Control a desktop PC from a laptop


May 12, 2019
I would like to build a new desktop PC but don't want to purchase a monitor, I wonder if I can use my laptop monitor and keyboard as the desktop's primary display and input. After doing some researches, I found that it might be achieved by using RDP, VNC, TeamViewer or 'Projecting to this PC' feature in Windows 10.
(I also found something called KVM Switch that might serves my purpose easier, but I'm not sure about that.)

I can temporarily borrow a monitor and keyboard to install Windows and set up the software, then enable automatically login to Windows. Once that done, I hope that I can just turn on the desktop's power (or if required, purchase a keyboard and use keyboard shortcut to complete some required actions), then I can use my laptop to connect and control that computer.

I would like to know whether my plan is at all possible, and if possible, how they affect the performance (system resources usage, network usage, input and output latency if I game on it). Thank you very much.