Question Control ARGB fans with software without ARGB Header on my motherboard. How to?

Nov 16, 2020
I have 3x Noua Skiron ARGB fans and a Phanteks "neon" ARGB LED strip, and since my motherboard (ASUS H310M-D R2.0) doesn't have any ARGB header, i'm using Noua Skiron ARGB controller (included with the fans) which has 1x 4pin PWM-to-motherboard connector, 1x ARGB-to-header connector, 6x 4pin PWM fan connectors and 6x ARGB fan connectors.

I was wondering if there was a controller that can be plugged via USB and controlled by a third-party software (not MSI, ASUS and similars), to manage and create my personal effects, and I've found this: Cooler Master A-RGB LED Small Controller.

Anyway, I haven't understood if this Cooler Master controller makes what i'm asking for. :LOL: I suppose that the micro-USB serves as an interface to connect it to the PC and create personal effects with the Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software, but i'm not sure.

Also, if i'm right, do you think that I could connect my current ARGB controller TO the CM Small Controller (because I need 6x PWM fans and 4 ARGB, but the Small Controller has only 3x)? I would connect it this way: Noua's ARGB-to-header connector plugged to one ARGB fan connector of the Small Controller - as if Noua's Controller was directly connected to an ARGB header on the motherboard.

Thanks to everyone that will help me!