Question Controller is detected on PC but it stops working after a few seconds ?

Jun 30, 2022
Windows 10, SCUF Vantage 2 controller, PS4 controller

Windows is detecting my controller and will allow me to use it but after a few seconds it will stop working, I've tried all USB ports on my PC, tried 2 different cables, and it works perfectly fine on my PS4 using the same cables. If I'm holding a button or pushing the stick in any direction it will continue to use that input even though I can't do anything else, so if I'm pushing the stick to the side my characters in a game would spin or just walk in that direction until I've unplugged and plugged the controller back in.

The issue suddenly appeared in the middle of a game of Warzone, the controller disconnected from windows and reconnected only to have this issue now. I've used these controllers and cables for years with no issue.

Tried using DS4 windows and the same issue happened, DS4 was detecting my controller was still plugged in but still did not work.

Also discovered that my computer will not shut down until the controller is unplugged.


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Make and model of your motherboard as well as it's BIOS version? What version(not edition) of Windows 10 are you working with? Might want to see if reinstalling your chipset/USB drivers helps alleviate the issue.