Question Convert MBR to GPT?

Aug 27, 2019
Hi. I have an ssd with mbr windows on it. and want install gpt windows 10 on it , my board support uefi , so shuold i manually convert mbr to gpt during instaltion windows ? Or windows itself converts it? Please if you know my answer , help
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To install as a full UEFI installation, go into the BIOS and on the boot tab nested under the Secure boot settings, or wherever they are in your BIOS, make sure the OS type is set to "Windows 8/10" and that CSM (Compatibility support module) is either disabled or set to Auto. It may also be necessary for Secure boot to be enabled in order for the system to configure itself for full UEFI mode.

Also, be sure to do a CLEAN install by choosing the "Custom" option during the installation as outlined here. If it does not create a GPT partition you can convert it later in disk management, but it should if you set the BIOS settings correctly and choose the Custom installation process.

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Just boot in UEFI mode and delete all partitions from the disk during the install. Highlight the unpartitioned space and tell Windows to install itself there.

Note that if you are not using the DVD, the USB install media also should be formatted as GPT and FAT32.