Question converted second Monitor connected to displayPort goes black(power Save?) after a while, and doesn't comeback

Oct 8, 2022
Hi! I've been struggling with the problem described in the title. I have a VGA/DVI monitor (that I use as a second display) and bought a converter, it can go from VGA/DVI/HDMI to DisplayPort, so for now I'm using the VGA option. It works but for some reason after 20 mins or more the monitor goes black, like when power saving, but it doesnt comeback and ever weirder the system still thinks is working because my mouse pointer can still go to the extended desktop and even drag something from there (guessing the click of course).

My current solution is to disconnect the DisplayPort connection and reconnect, The systems rearrange the desktop for the disconnect (only 1 display) then it does it again when I reconnect the displays works again. Then it works for a while again, the time it goes to black is kinda random, I noticed that since I put the 2do display as the main one I works continuously longer but after hours it can go black again, It's very annoying. Also If I reconnect the cable from the monitor port it doesn't work, it has to be from the displayPort, the port feels warm to the touch but my HDMI from the main goes warm too so... could I've be damaging my GPU doing this?

I have this setup recently because my new videocard doesnt have a DVI input, It's a Zotac with Nvidia 3070 ti RTX. I'm using Windows 11. I hope someone could give me some advice, could be the converter? maybe I should bought one that only does 1 type of conversion, don't know. Thanks!


Conversion starts at the gpu then to monitor. So you not be adapting vga/dvi to display port, you are adapting display port to vgi/dvi. That does make a difference as the adapter itself only works 1 direction and your 3070ti doesn't have vga/dvi ports.

Ports on gpu are output, not input, ports on the monitor are mostly inputs, but some monitors do include a pass through output for daisy chain purposes.

That said, looks like adapter failure. There's 2 kinds of adapter, passive and active. Hdmi, dp, dvi are formats, basically a software signal. Some, like dvi and vga are compatible so a passive adapter is fine as they are intrinsically the same format, just a different port shape. Hdmi and DP are not the same format as vga or dvi, so an active or powered adapter is used, passive doesn't work. The adapter has to re-write the format, physically changing its language.

Imagine DVI is English, VGA is American, so no interpreter needed, but DP is Cantonese so DP to DVI requires an interpreter and you gotta pay the man.

Since powered/active adapters have powered circuitry, they can fail or simply be cheap crap that doesn't work well or have high quality standards.

If possible, use DP for the primary display, no adapter. Then use hdmi to dvi for the secondary,