Discussion Cool master hyper 212 i have recently bought this cooler but the H screw is missing where can I buy these screws?

Jul 31, 2019
i have recently bought this cooler but the H screw is missing does anyone know where can I buy these screws? I cannot mount the cooler onto the motherboard bracket without these screws please can someone help me out. I have the black edition cooler master hyper 212 if that helps


Cooler Master would be a logical choice, if you are missing parts they should be obligated to supply them.

But if you can specify what you mean by H screw, then you may just be able to buy the appropriate screw from any hardware store. Not like they use anything super proprietary.

If you mean from the manual, labeled as H, I'm afraid the line drawings aren't enough to get a thread. But considering all they do is keep the bracket on the cooler, any screw with the appropriate thread should do. Take the cooler into a hardware store and try some machine screws. My guess would be M3 or M4.
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It's not called an "H screw," it's just a label they use specifically for the manual.

Best bet is take the mount to which that screw attaches to the hardware store and test different screws and see which one fits best. Otherwise, contact Cooler Master and they may be able to sell you what you need.