Question Cooler for 5900x

Jan 23, 2021
Hi there, I managed to buy a 5900x after a lot of effort and now I need to get a cooler for it. Originally I was going to buy a Noctua NH-U15s But due to complications with delivery times and other issues I cant buy it (the main issue with delivery time is that im on a trip and it will arribe after I leave). So now im left with this options: Noctua NH-U12A, Noctua NH-D14, Ne Quiet Dark Rock 4 Pro and Be Quiet Dark Rock 4.

My main fear with my options are that they wont be enough to cool my cpu under normal load or gaming, and in the case of the be quiet cooler that they will bearly fit in my case (maxium height for cpu cooler is 166mm).

What cooler would you choose?