Question Cooler for i5- 9600k

Feb 14, 2019
I'm planning on buying an it-9600k. Currently, I'm getting tight on the budget for my upgrade and I wanted a cooler for the CPU. Any recommendations?


Anything other than an Intel cooler. I guess you intend to overclock, the question is : how much?
  • you merely leave the default overclock enabled: the Arctic Alpine 64 GT rev.2 plus is efficient, silent and cheap (I have its predecessor on an old Athlon II X4 that pulled up to 200W from the plug, it could barely handle it - but it could); depending on the chip, it should handle any overclock that don't need an overvoltage of the chip (or a very minor one). Budget : around 25 bucks.
  • you want to push it some, and your case has some clearance : Arctic Freezer 12, Noctua NH-U12S. You can also try your hand at a closed loop liquid cooler (but then I don't do water cooling myself), the cheapest seem to cost as much as a good air cooling tower. Budget: 35-50 bucks. You can start pushing the voltages and thus the frequencies.
  • you really want to kick this pig, you'll need some beefy cooling such as a custom loop or a high quality closed loop cooler. There are also some air cooling systems that show incredible performance (like the Noctua NH-D15) - but at a cost : 80-150 bucks. These will probably allow you to really push your CPU, but if your chip's a dud, you'll have wasted a lot of cash.