Cooler Master – eXe Open #3 Starcraft 2


May 23, 2012
Cooler Master – eXe Open #3

Thanks to the continued generosity of the wonderful eXe community, and the awesome guys over at Cooler Master deciding we are right for them to sponsor, eXe are proud to once again announce Open tournaments for EU. Not only do we have Cooler Master, but SCVRush have kindly offered themselves to host the brackets for our tournaments too!

Now, the last tournaments we ran were last year, so here’s a little background information on us. eXe is a large group of people who are passionate about gaming together in a structured yet fun environment. We organise our members into “Teams” of 10-20 people largely based on skill level and approach to the games, and run specific practices for them for that awesome pro-team atmosphere. We have in-house 1v1 and Team Leagues as well as many other events, and one of the upshots of this is that people love it so much they want to support us financially, so we can start running big tournaments for the whole StarCraft Community!

That’s right, this is a tournament funded and run BY the community and FOR the community. Previous participants (and winners) of our Open tournament series include such sick nerd ballers as Snute, Kalin, Byun, Desrow, Nerchio and many many others. Don’t expect an easy road to the finals!

If you wish to find more about eXe, feel free to come over to and check us out!

Sign Up Links:



EU: 14:00 CEST 29/09/2012


- 512-man Single Elimination.
- Up till Ro64 will be Bo1s.
- Ro64 until Ro4 will be Bo3s.
- Ro4 will be Bo5.
- Finals will be Bo7.

Prize Pool:

1st: $50 + Sirius Gaming Headset (worth ~£150)
2nd: $35
3rd: $15


Each player who signs up will be automatically be entered into the prize raffle. Being disqualified from the tournament (includes no-showing for games) removes you from the raffle. The list of raffle participants from both tournaments will be combined, with two names being chosen at random to win one Storm Trigger Keyboard and one Sentinal Mouse. Winners will be contacted via their email on their SCVRush account.

Prizes will be paid via paypal. eXe will cover the cost of shipping prizes.

Map Pool:

WCS Entombed Valley
WCS Antiga Shipyard
MLG Metropolis
WCS DayBreak LE
WCS Cloud Kingdom LE
WCS Ohana LE

First Map is set each round, each player may veto one of the remaining maps which is effectively removed from the map pool for that series. Loser picks following maps until the map pool is exhausted, at which point the map pool is reset (with the vetos still in effect).

Rules/Other Info:

By signing up to this tournament you agree to abide by these rules. If you do not read them and are caught out it is your own fault if you end up disqualified, there are no exceptions.

- There is no warning system. You break the rules and you are disqualified. Period.
- 1st map for each round is set, proceeding games are loser’s pick. Each player gets one veto, first player to veto is lower on the 1v1 ladder by league and then points.
- You must Play with the race you signed up with.
- Being unresponsive for 10 minutes when the next game to be played is available with no given reason will result in a Disqualification. If you are playing in another tournament simultaneously this rule still applies, as even though we respect there tends to be more than one event going on at once, long delays ruin the bracket and make everyone’s life miserable.
- Any BM/Rudeness to any players or staff will result in an immediate disqualification.
- Tournament admins have the final say on all disputes. Ignoring the directions of a tournament admin will result in disqualification.
- No players may spectate your games other than official admins and casters unless both players agree upon it. By agreeing to have a spectator watch your match you forfeit the right to complain about that spectator being used to cheat.
- You may stream your own games at your own risk.
- Disconnects: If there is a disconnect before the 3 minute mark (in-game) there is a regame. After the 3 minute mark it is an automatic game loss to the person who disconnected.
- Any non-participant streaming will be done exclusively by the eXe Casting Crew in English, other Broadcasts must be pre-approved by eXe.

We hope to see you either participating or on stream!

eXe ♥