Review Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Gaming Desk Review: Perfect Ambiance

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
WOW…Cooler Master now proffering desks and or actual furniture. No doubt however a chunk of $900 these days and in our ongoing financial/economic doldrums remains for many an impossible stretch and especially for a non-essential and luxury item. The last time I gassed-up my car cost me over $100. As such an electric motorized height-adjustment desk with RGB is a real luxury indeed. In my opinion CM simply displayed bad timing in their marketing and trying to pushing such a luxury desk. Based on the new PC generations virtually at bay, CM should instead be sticking to introducing new innovative PC enclosures and what they have been known for in the first place. PC cases were there claim to fame. I am in need of a replacement desk as my current one originally came from the Salvation Army store. Now I am back on Craiglist for used desk options. Good thing I own a 1978 Ford 250 pick-up which perhaps with a used desk shuffed on top will keep the 'credit -card wolf' away from my doorstep.