Question Cooler Master H410R vs AMD Stealth stock cooler?

Aug 2, 2019
As a low budget gamer, I plan on buying a Ryzen 3 1200 which comes with AMD Stealth cooler. Now, I plan on overclocking my processor as much as possible but I can't afford an expensive aftermarket cooler. So I wish to buy the Cooler Master H401R which is very cheap. Would it be a decent upgrade? Would I see any noticable temperature drop? Also suggest me better options with similar price range, if any.
I was able to get a decent overclock on my 1200 using the stock wraith stealth, but it got noisy and warm.

An aftermarket cooler is certainly quieter and provides enough thermal headroom for more overclocking. The H401R seems ok, and in all reality, the 1200 isn't hard to keep cool.

With a freezer 34 esports my 1200 @3.7 runs in the 50s in game.
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The H410R is a revamped version of the Hyper 103, so isn't fantastic to start with. You'd be moving from the above average ability stock cooler to a below average 92mm cooler.

That's kinda a waste of money as performance will be similar, and top end heat ability is the same.

Personally, I'd use the Stealth as is until you've saved up for a higher budget cooler that will show your money's worth of improvement.
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