Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition and RGB Review: A Legacy for Value

I would have liked to seen either the 212 evo or 212+ to see if it has any benefit over the originals. After all we are seeing differences in those two 212 versions. I really dont care much about the color, leds, and ect but if it preforms better then let use see.


they didn't show the contact area in the photos, strange, the 212 was famous for it's exposed copper heatpipes on the bottom of the contact surface. is there a reason we're not seeing the contact surface? is it because the heat pipes are no longer copper but now less efficient nickle or aluminum? come on THG, do a real review for once, show us the thermals compared to a 212 evo.


I feel like the Hyper 212 had its' heyday back in the Ivy Bridge / Haswell days but these days the newer CPUs (especially ones that use TIM instead of solder) need better cooling than what was available back then. But there's no reason why you should buy a $350 CPU and then slap it with $30 of cooling.