cooler master hyper 212x vs deepcool naptwin vs Deepcool Lucifer Cooler

Kirankumar KL

Mar 15, 2015
guys i'm using amd fx processer. amd is hot technology while overclocking in stack fan produce huge noice i'm confused to bye cpu cooler some one suggest me my budget is approx 4000 indian rupees(64 us$) my cpu specs is shown bellow
motherboard: gigabyte ga-970a-d3p
ram :8gb 1600 (dual channel 4x2)
processer: amd fx 8320
gpu: sapphire r9 270x toxic
psu :corsire 650vs
cabinet: circle cc 830(front 120mm 2 fan, top 120mm two fan.rare 120mm fan i inverted all 1300rpm)
my region room temperature is 26degree cel


Retired Mod
If you're currently using the stock cooler, or even an aftermarket cooler, and don't have good case cooling with at least a front 120mm, a rear 120mm and a top 120mm, your CPU cooler isn't going to do much regardless of what CPU cooler you install.

That case doesn't specify what fans it comes with, just that there are locations for a front and rear 120mm fan. Does it have a top fan location or another front fan location? Are all the case fan locations currently filled with functional fans?

If they are, and you are using the stock CPU cooler, then the Hyper 212X should do much better than the stock cooler. If they are not, I'd take care of that first, then worry about the CPU cooler. Considering you also have a gaming card installed, the case fans are extremely important. If you can't get at least three 120mm fans going in that system, any CPU cooler you install is likely to be running full steam all the time, especially considering the ambient temperatures in your region.