Review Cooler Master Hyper 622 Halo Review: Quiet Cooling, Ideal for Ryzen


Jun 11, 2006
I have to be blunt with Cooler master CPU coolers since I have used many different models.
The Halo fans is the weak point in my opinion, proably Cooler master include Halo
is mainly due to aesthetics than performance.
Why Cooler Master don't use Sickleflow fans which in my opinion is a better fans
than rest of Cooler Master fans lineup.
Only models like Cooler Master MA612 and MA624 use Cooler Master sickleflow.
While Hyper 212 range uses other Cooler master fans which is puzzling.
I'm quite surprise that for this review for the Cooler Master Hyper 622 performance isn't good.
However since I uses a lot of Cooler master different heatsinks.
Hyper 212 series is best suited for lower end/mid range than high end CPUs like i7 or even i9.
Intel Core i7 13700K is difficult to cool since it's operating temp is very high so unlikely
one to pair with Cooler Master Hyper 622 especially with it's subpar fan.
Maybe when I'm able to get my hands on Cooler Master Hyper 622, I will swap it's fans
to CM sickleflow to check if it does bring temperature or not.
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Aug 10, 2022
I have used every variation of cooler masters rifle bearing fans. They are horrid with low airflow and high noise.

I would be shocked if they actually managed to produce a decent fan.
I really liked the fans on them, but I haven't ever done any dedicated fan testing. Maybe that will change soon.
I really liked the fans on them, but I haven't ever done any dedicated fan testing. Maybe that will change soon.
I have some of the AF fans and they are fine, but suck as downward facing fans like for an AIO mounted on top of a case to push air through the radiator. When they are mounted like that and they get the slightest amount or vibration or at certain RPMs they make an awful rattling sound. They do not have this issue as long as they are mounted vertical to the ground for front intake or as back exhaust. I have had their 120mm AF 140mm AF and 200mm AF fans and they all do this rattling.


Nov 20, 2006
I have a different take on how to use the Cooler Master Hyper cooler (I have used a dozen Hyper 212 coolers). First is that I buy i7 chips instead of i9 as they run cooler and I cannot tell the difference in performance (except in "benchmarks" heh). I only overclock a bit to again keep the temps down. That lets me run the Hyper fan at a set low speed which eliminates any noise. Forget about two fans as they usually end up with a frequency "beat" issue which can be very annoying.
I have built too many computers over the decades to be awed by "higher performance" CPUs. I instead concentrate on high-end graphics cards.