Cooler Master MasterBox 5 EATX Mid-Tower Case Review

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Mar 7, 2011
This suffers the same problem as all the other cooler master cases.. the stupid mesh front panels that clog full of dust and look ugly. Fan filters should be behind the front fascia so you cant actually see the dust they collect when looking at the case. Cooler master cases will forever have white circles of dust in front of each fan unless you clean them religiously.


Mar 12, 2008
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I'm a retired IT technician from IBM. Been building computers for years now. I got a CM HAF case, and an EVGA motherboard. I plugged in the front panel audio from the case into the board. They are all pretty standard and it's impossible to plug in something to the wrong part of the motherboard because of the pin layout. Ran fine for a couple of weeks, then watching TV, we smelled smoke. Opened up the case, and the wire for the front panel audio jack had melted and caught on fire. Not a seriously big fire, I just put it out with my hands. But, imagine if I wasn't home. I complained to CM, and they told me that I must have plugged it into the wrong port on the motherboard. Even if it was plugged into a wrong port (which is physically impossible without bending or cutting pins), the motherboard shouldn't be able to put out a current to melt wires on their own. I paid to ship the case and motherboard to CM, from Canada to California, just for them to say, "nope, not our problem".
My saving grace was that EVGA has AMAZING customer service, and was right down the street from CoolerMaster. They picked up the case and motherboard. The agreed that there was no way it could have been the motherboard creating current from any port (btw, there were scorch marks on the audio jack, so it was plugged into the right one). They tested it, and the wire. They believed it was the case as well, but they replaced both for me, no charge.
EVGA fan. CoolerMaster hater.


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Sep 27, 2013
I can't quote either, even though I'm writing from the forum. In on a mobile phone, but using the desktop version (or at least, the related setting).

That's quite a story, luckily I have never had the need to deal with customer service, but I'll keep that in mind. I always heard EVGA had good.customer service, but it's nice to read a first hand experience.

(Although, with cases I only like NZXT Phantom line, and now Noctis. Their design is incredibly attractive to my eyes. And since cases tend to last many years, I don't see a problem with paying a $50 premium for something I will still enjoy looking at in 3-5 years or more, instead of something I'll want to change in 2 years)
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