Cooler master Pc Cases... Any ideas???


Nov 11, 2009

I am going to get a ATI HD 5970, however, my current pc case is tiny for that monster card and I will be needing a new case.

I had a look at some of Cooler master's cases and i quite like them especially the COSMOS ones, but i found out that there are quite a few of COSMOS, such as COSMOS S, COSMOS 1000 and COSMOS 1010. According to some reviews, all of them have different issues, like some big cpu coolers wont be able to fit the COSMOS S, or COSMOS 1000 has some pressure problem which might affect the cooling of the GPUs, or other things like there is not enough input air etc...

I am wondering if any people know something about these cases will be able to tell me which is better (includes cooling efficiency, sound proof). Or will other cases like the Stacker 830, or Corsair's 800D will be the best choice?

Millions of thanks


Feb 4, 2009
Keep in mind that I don't own any Coolermaster cases, but I browse NewEgg compulsively.

My favorite is the ATCS 840. I like the classic aesthetics, and the sliding MoBo tray. Its cooling is very good but not exceptional. It would make a superb water cooling case

The HAF 933 and 922 are probably the best performing as far as air flow is concerned. I'm not crazy about the looks, but some are. They also make good WC cases, especially if you want a lot of air flow too.

The Storm Sniper and Storm Scout are also highly recommended, but I know little about them except they have lots of air flow and are designed for gaming systems.

The Cosmos cases are iconic and designed for quiet operation. I've heard the original, not the "S" version, is the better choice but can't say why.

Finally, the RC-690 is a roomy case for builders on a bit of a budget. I guess it doesn't have the "budget" feel to it, and is extremely popular.

Coolermaster is my favorite case maker, simply because they try to cater to every niche in the market. They do make it difficult to make a selection, though. Good luck!
I have the Coolermaster HAF 932. It is a huge beast. The new ATI Radeon HD 5970 and the extra tall 160mm tower style heatsinks can easily fit inside the case. It is a gamers case. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent.

The down side is the exterior of the case. Some people like it and some people don't. There is no compromise.

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