Question Cooler master RGB fans changing on their own?!

Apr 28, 2020
Hey, so yesterday I swapped out one of my 120mm ARGB Coolermaster fans for another similar Coolermaster one. The only difference is that the new one has a halo ring around the fan which is ARGB also.

I have x6 ARGB fans and the RGB for my water cooler run off a Coolermaster ARGB LED Controller;

After maybe 20-30mins or so all of a sudden all the lighting turned red and orange on different fans that are run off the controller. My GPU, m.2 SSD and MOBO are all run off MSI mystic light and didn’t change.

I fiddled around with the controller and got it back to how I had it but eventually it changes back to red/orange.. it seems only when I have it on the setting (on the controller) I want it on that it changes back as on other settings it doesn’t change back...

What do you think? Faulty controller or something to do with mystic light?

I look forward to any responses - would be much appreciated :D