Cooler Master Vs Thermaltake


Jan 22, 2004
Now im in a tough spot... i have 2 choose a case between cooler master and thermaltake... the 2 cases are

Cooler Master Praetorian (black)
Thermaltalke Black Tsunami (VA3000BWA)

and in the case will be

amd 64 3400
msi k8n neo plat
ocz 3500 dual channel plat kit (2x 512mb)
Geforce 6800

so if you could all recommend the case for me 2 grab it would be a great help

Thanks alot!
Personally I prefer the CoolerMaster, nothing more than a personal preference though. I have looked into getting a ThermalTake case several times, and I just don't like them, they are great cases, mainly I just don't like the CD drives being shut behind a door (I had several cases were the push to open doors, breaks, and then won't stay closed.).

They are both great cases, I would just get the on that you like the looks of best. They are both from reputable, known manufacturers, and should serve you well, no matter which one you get. Both these cases are known for performance, so they really are "sort of" "equals."

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I would choose the CoolerMaster.

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