Question Cooler recomandations for AMD Ryzen 5 2600x or solutions for better temps

Aug 2, 2019
Hello guys, I am having problems with my CPU temps. The idle temp is 44 celcius and the highest i got was 74 when playing Shadow of The Tomb Raider (after 20 minutes...). I have a very big case(SilentumPC Regnum RG4T) so good airflow, i connected all 3 fans that come with the case, i have good cable managment but i still get these temps:(. I am using the stock cooler that had the thermal paste already applied to it. The screws are tigthened as far as they can go. If there is nothing i can do with the stock cooler then please recommend a cooler under 50$ preferably RGB that can hopefully (not 100% necessary) allow me to overclock the CPU a little bit.


At that price point and for medium-level CPU OC, i'd go for mid-sized CPU air cooler, like Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo,

With Freezer 34, you'd have 2mm spare room. CPU cooler is 157mm tall while max what your case supports is 159mm,
your case specs:

In my Skylake build (full specs with pics in my sig), i have the predecessor of Freezer 34, known as Freezer i32. My CPU idles around 26°C while most what i've seen out of it is 55°C during CinebenchR15.

As far as RGB goes, feel free to switch out the 2x 120mm stock fans with any 120mm RGB fans you desire to get your eyecandy. Though, depending on which RGB fans you get, you can worsen the CPU cooler's performance.
While i too switched out the stock semi-passive fan of my Freezer I32, i went with one of the best 120mm fans out there, namely with 2x Corsair ML120 Pro LED fans in push-pull configuration. Under the spoiler is combined image of my CPU cooler if you're interested to see it. (Click on spoiler to view.)
Top left: Retail package of i32.
Top right: i32 in push-pull with stock semi-passive fan and Arctic F12 PWM PST fan.
Bottom left: i32 in push-pull with 2x Corsair ML120 Pro red LED fans.
Bottom right: Night shot of complete build.