Question Cooler running loud/speedy

Jan 22, 2021
Situation: I slipped tea with honey over my keyboard laptop (which wasn't powered at the time). I took the laptop to a service in my town to clean it. Now my cooler is noisier than how it normally worked. It runs almost the entire time I am suing my laptop. (Guy from service use thermal paste)

It's a little warmer on the keyboard A,S,D,Z,X and Wind Key ALT and space.

I have a memory usage of 64%, CPU is usually 4%-6% when i keep the Task manager opened, but right when i open it its 69%/73% or 60% and when the cooler is running on medium modem like you can hear it, but it's not fast, which did not happened before. AMD Ryzen 7 temp is getting up to 70degrees, and the graphic gets to 38degrees.

Any idea why my cooler is so noisy?
No offense to anyone who has a job at pc/laptop service,but in my country they will steal anything they can from you,and swap out the parts.
I had a old pentium desktop,which my uncle gave me idk 6-7 years ago.
I stopped working one day and since he wasnt in town he told me to take it to a 'trustable' pc service.They swapped out the ram,the motherboard and a cooler i think.
When he came back he wanted to clean the pc so he opened it up realised the things that there were different components in it.So i say they swapped to cooler to a weaker one,which is not meant to cool your ryzen 7
Im not saying this is 100% what happened,maybe the guy had to take out the keyboard and possibly mess something up with the fan.Since thats been happening after you picked up the laptop from the service,only they could mess something up.